2021 Pilot Course Special Bundles

We are strong advocates of aviation. We also believe that every stage of your aviation pursuit should be affordable and accessible.

We’ve tailored unique course packages that offers the optimal pricing and learning experience.

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Private Pilot License (PPL)

Whether you are looking to fly friends and family or pursue a career in aviation, the PPL is the first license you will need.

Includes 40 hours Airplane Rental*
20 Hours Ground School
10 Hours Pre-Post Brief

*in our Cessna 150 weight limited to 200lbs

Multi Engine Add-on (3 Day Course)

If you are a pilot and looking fly aircrafts with more power, redundancy or range, you will want to earn a multi engine add-on to pilot dual engine planes.

Includes 10 hours Cessna 310 Rental
5 Hours Ground School
10 Hours Pre-Post Brief

FGA 1-Month CFI Academy

Do you love aviation and want to share you knowledge of aviation with others. Become a FAA certified flight instructor.

Includes 10 Hours Dual Instruction
30 Hours Ground School
10 Hours Pre-Post Brief