The first question every pilot has once asked:

How do I even start this journey?

Every pilot, whether you goals are to fly yourself or fly for a major airline begins with obtaining your PPL, also called Private Pilot License.

How begin your pilot training

Step 1 - The Discovery Flight

Successfully completing a discovery flight will help you see first-hand the quality of training, aircraft, and passion Faithful Guardian Aviation has to offer you. You will be at the flight controls from engine start to engine shut down.

Step 2 - Student Pilot Certificate

After your Discovery Flight, your next step will be obtaining your student pilot certificate from the FAA. The instructor will sign your application and just like that you’re well on your way to becoming a professional pilot.

Step 3 - Apply for FAA Medical Certificate

Pilots must meet basic medical requirements to fly. For those wishing to fly professionally a medical examination from an FAA AME will get you on your way with a First Class medical

Step 4 - Begin Flight Training

Start taking flight lessons and online ground school with Faithful Guardian Aviation and Let Your Dreams Take Flight.

Are you ready to experience piloting an airplane?

This is a safe introductory flight supervised by a certified flight instructor.
You will have the opportunity to brief on the fundamentals of aviation and experience the controls of the airplane while in flight.
Book A Discovery Flight