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We deliver world-class aviation training to safe and proficient pilots for all licenses including private pilots to commercial pilots and beyond

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Private Pilot

The Private Pilot Certificate is aviation 101 – it is where we all start our aviation journey. For most of us, we all ask the same beginner question: How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Because we are a 141 Certified School the minimum requirements is 20 hours of Ground School and 34 hours of Flight Training. Typically taking 3 months to complete. Every Student is unique and these times will vary with the average being 42 hours of Flight Training.

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Instrument Rating

Becoming a safer pilot is not complicated.

Instrument training is a standardized set of procedures and techniques to get you where you need to go solely relying on your instruments. The days of canceling for low ceilings are over. Our Instrument part 141 syllabus is only 34 hours. Yes that’s right no 50 hour cross country time to build. Just 34 hours of high quality instrument training.
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Commercial Training

In order to be paid to fly in any capacity, a commercial pilot certificate is required for each class of airplane one wishes to operate.

Training for such means going back to pilot basics of airmanship and away from the rigors of instrument training.

At Faithful Guardian Aviation, we tailor your commercial pilot training based on your flight experience, finances and skills to better accommodate you. So it’s not just ‘take it or leave’ prepackages but rather ‘how best can we serve you’ packages.
So let’s review your logbook and your experience to find the program that fits you best!

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Multi-engine Rating

Do you like challenges? If you do, then hop on board! As the name suggests, the multi-engine training enables a pilot to operate as pilot-in-command for an aircraft with more than one engine. Like most Challenges that grants remarkable experiences, this one results in remarkable aircraft performance along with an increase in speed, power and rate of climb.

So whether you are a private pilot or commercial pilot, a multi-engine add-on rating on that Licence will not only boost your experience but also your confidence which is necessary to become a better pilot!

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Helicopter flying

Helicopter Training

Do you dream of flying helicopters, whether it is to fly your friends and family or to earn a living while having the cockpit as your desk. Earning your Helicopter Private Pilot License (PPL-H) if the first step to pursue your dreams. We offer Part 61 and Part 141 Helicopter training. Our flight instructors will help you build a proficient and safe helicopter piloting skills.

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Flight Instructor License

How does minimum requirements and ONLY one month to completion to enable you to teach what you love sound ?!

Ask yourself, do you love to fly? Do you love sharing your knowledge with others? If you answered ‘yes’, you would make an awesome flight instructor at Faithful Guardian Aviation!

Allow FGA the honor of teaching you to better pass your experience and expertise to our future professional Pilots while building your hours that will assist you to become hire as a commercial pilot someday.

Whether you are brand new or very experience, we are confident you will thrive in Faithful Guardian Aviation.

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